Nursing Scrubs

At The Nurse Shop, we’re dedicated to creating nursing scrubs that healthcare workers feel good in. Our range of nurse uniform scrubs have been designed by healthcare professionals to ensure every need is met – including comfort, practicality, and room for medical instruments. We know nurses work long, hard hours, so they need a pair of scrubs that can keep up with demand and last the distance.


What are nursing scrubs?

Nursing scrubs are high quality sanitary clothing worn by medical professional. Scrubs are designed to maintain hygiene and to make nurses and doctors easily identifiable by staff and patients. Scrubs are created using antimicrobial fabric, which inhibits the spread of germs. This fabric is incredibly durable and built to withstand long hours of use. It’s also built to withstand high pressure washing, as many hospitals have their own in house laundromat that use strong chemicals and hot temperatures to blast away any residual germs and stains. This combination of temperature and chemicals would strip regular clothes, as common clothing material can’t withstand such harsh environments.

In addition to being super durable, nursing scrubs are available in different colours so staff can easily identify which member belongs to what unit. This is especially important in a large hospital, as medical personal will often have to quickly identify the right staff member in case of emergency. Nurses may not have to use colour coded scrubs, as it depends on what facility you work in. In fact, nurses in retirement homes or pediatric units can often mix things up a bit with brightly coloured nursing scrubs or patterned ones!

Features of nursing scrubs

Other than antimicrobial properties, nursing Elitecare scrubs come up with a large range of exclusive features you won’t find in normal clothing. Your usual T shirt may have a couple of pockets if you’re lucky, but medical scrubs feature plenty of deep pockets with enough storage space for medical instruments. This is important when you’re making the rounds, as you’ll need to have equipment within reach. Check out our womens scrubs, which come with five pockets, two pen pockets, a shoulder loop and side utility loop. This pairs perfectly with our Elitecare classic scrub pants, available with six pockets and an elastic waist and drawstring.

Budget friendly medical scrubs

Scrubs are budget friendly and can end up costing less then regular clothing. When you couple that with the fact they’re built to withstand harsh environments, nurse uniform scrubs are comparatively cost effective. However, if they do become stained in time, nursing scrubs are designed to be disposed of and replaced.

Looking for nursing supplies?

Our Elitecare scrubs are available in separate tops and bottoms or can be bought as scrub sets. You can shop our Elitecare Classics for different scrub sets or check out our Elitecare essentials for individual pieces. Customer satisfaction is very important to us, so if you’re not completely happy with our product you can send it back for a refund or exchange (T&C’s apply).