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At The Nurse Shop, we know how much a hospital ward can benefit from some Christmas cheer, so we’ve handpicked some of our favourite Elitecare Christmas scrubs to help spread the joy! Designed by a nurse for nurses, these fun Christmas scrubs are a wonderful way to light up the ward (and are especially loved by the younger patients!) Available in bright blue or Santa style red, these Elitecare Christmas Scrubs are built to withstand long hours and won’t lose their powerful colour in the wash. If you feel like getting into the Christmas spirit at work, these scrubs make the perfect addition to your wardrobe– the reindeer antlers are up to you! Or, if you’re a friend or relative of a hard-working nurse, these Christmas nurse tops make for a fun, thoughtful present to help them get through those tough holiday shifts.

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It’s that time of year again!

Christmas is always a wonderful time of the year, filled with activities, entertainment, singalongs, and many of nans rum balls. But for nurses, it can often be the most difficult, as they’re tasked with working long hours during a time where many are celebrating with loved ones. Though we can’t replace that feeling, we can try to bring some joy to your shift with our fun Christmas nurse scrubs. Whether you’re in aged care, podiatry, oncology or cardiology, these Elitecare Christmas Scrubs are sure to be a hoot.

Nice until proven naughty Elitecare Christmas Scrubs

For the cheeky nurse with quick wit, our nice until proven naughty scrubs are the perfect gift. Featuring a bright blue that’s hard to be missed, these Christmas nurse scrubs come with five pockets, two pen pockets, a shoulder loop and side utility loop – perfect for hiding some candy canes in! Made with a creative fabric mix of cotton, polyester, and spandex for added stretch and comfort, these scrubs will help you keep cool during the hot summer month.

Santa favourite Christmas nurse tops

Our Santa’s favourite Christmas nurse tops are a much beloved Christmas staple amongst our customers, as its bold red colour makes it impossible to miss. This top pairs perfectly with our range of Elitecare scrub pants and can be matched with the same shade of red for an additional pop of colour. Comfortable to wear and super affordable, this scrub top comes complete with five pockets, two pen pockets, a shoulder loop, and a utility loop.

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