Medical personnel are incredibly important when in the healthcare system. These sanitary outfits help to endure harsh cleaning methods, protect regular clothes from damage and should offer pockets for convenient access to specific medical supplies and tools. Scrubs should be both comfortable and functional, especially as they are worn by nurses, doctors, and other healthcare providers. If you are specifically looking for unisex scrub pants in a range of colours and sizes, then you have come to the right place. Our amazing 6 pocket Elitecare scrub pants have been designed for nurses, by a nurse that look and feel amazing on.

At the Nurse Shop, we have a wide range of scrub bottoms for the best value in the Australian marketplace. Browse now for these amazing to wear scrub pants with their improved design and creative fabric mix!

When you have a high-intensity profession in the healthcare system, one of the most important aspects to help you to be your best all the time, is your comfort. At the Nurse Shop, we pride ourselves on creating the best value unisex scrub pants in the Australian marketplace to ensure this. As the premium choice for medical staff, Elitecare scrub pants have been professionally designed by a nurse with a creative mix of cotton, polyester and spandex.

Equipped with 6 pockets to hold all of the medical essentials and gear that are required for daily work, our range of scrub bottoms have a utility loop, elastic waist and drawstring and is available in the option of short, regular, or tall length options. The scrub pants also come in a range of 8 different sizing options making them versatile for both women and men of all shapes and sizes.

One of the best parts of wearing these scrubs is it will help minimise the risk of spreading germs and contaminants and help promote a cleaner and healthier workplace whilst also making you stand out as a healthcare worker with over 13 colours available. It has been known that most medical professionals historically only wear white however over time staff members soon began to wear green to put less strain on the surgeon’s eyes. Our unisex Elitecare scrub pants have everything from red, navy, pink, purple, lilac, teal, cyan, hunter green, royal and light blue, grey and black to allow you to express your unique style and personality whilst also maintaining your required professional look.

There is also the option to further personalise your scrub pants by choosing to embroider your company logo on. Our customer satisfaction is also vitally important to us and we will always try to accommodate any returns or exchanges too. With an improved design, our wonderfully practical and stylish variety of scrub pants are a relaxed fit and comfy shape for both men and women of all sizes. Aside from just looking great, these unisex scrub pants are ideal  for everyday movements being lightweight and utilising a breathable stretch fabric to guarantee the protection of your personal clothes as well as meeting all healthcare protocols.

At the Nurse Shop, we have an extensive array of Elitecare scrub pants as the perfect option for many healthcare professionals throughout Australia. Whether you are after a colourful pair of scrub bottoms or an exceptionally large or small size, the Nurse shop has all the scrubs that you are after.

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