Compression Socks

When you’re constantly on your feet in the healthcare industry, it’s important to have comfortable compression socks for long, stressful and demanding days. Specifically designed to help improve blood circulation and alleviate any leg fatigue or that heavy feel often experienced by nurses, it’s vital to invest in the best compression socks you can.

If you’re looking for the premium brand of compression socks for nurses, we’ve got you covered with our wide range of styles and patterns, you don’t have to compromise on style.

At the Nurse Shop, we have a wide range of socks designed specifically for compression at the best value in the Australian marketplace. Browse now for these amazing to wear socks with their improved design and creative fabric mix!



Our range of compression socks for nurses

As many nurses, wear these socks to help reduce leg soreness after being on their feet for hours on end, investing in a reputable pair will alleviate any leg swelling and decrease the swelling of ankles and feet. Having long, exhausting days on your feet are made easier with a good pair of socks. Also, varicose veins are extremely common and by wearing the best compression socks available it helps to reduce the appearance of the veins and the socks assist in putting pressure on the veins to reduce the build-up of blood and cut any symptoms. This is a massive health benefit for many nurses during and after work.

By using these Elitecare compression socks for nurses, it will aid in reducing fatigue and pain by forcing the blood to flow upwards and tightening the areas around the feet and lower legs and therefore helps all nurses to work more efficiently. Even after hours, many nurses opt to relax and relieve their feet and legs by using these high-quality material blend socks.

In a wide variety of fun patterns (from animal prints, holiday themes and funky designs) to long or short, the best compression socks are the Elitecare range at our local nursing supply store at an affordable price.

Perfect if you’re on your feet all day, the brand new Elitecare range has been designed to take the pressure off your feet. With a high-quality material blend of nylon, polyester and spandex, these socks aid in comfort and look great too! Ditch any pain you’ve been experiencing after long tiresome days and enjoy smoother blood circulation by wearing compression socks by Elitecare to feel the difference during your day to day.

At the Nurse Shop, we have an extensive array of Elitecare compression socks as the perfect option for many healthcare professionals throughout Australia. Whether you are after a colourful, patterned pair or a short or long length, the Nurse shop has all the socks designed specifically for compression that you are after.