Ampoule Openers

Did you know roughly one in three healthcare workers have experienced injuries from opening an ampoule or broken ampoules? Ranging in severity, ampoule related injuries can include everything from simple knicks and surface wounds to deep cuts that require sutures or surgery. There’s also a high risk for blood borne pathogens such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV. When it comes to sharps related injuries, almost 50% are directly caused by ampoule injuries, with an even higher figure for anaesthetists. Luckily, there’s an easy solution to preventing ampoule related injuries – ampoule openers. Designed to fit into pockets or snap onto bands, Qlicksmart ampoule openers safely and efficiently break open ampoules, without fear of injury or contamination. Read more below about the most common ampoule related injuries, and why Snapit Ampoule Opener is one of the most important tools for your nursing supplies arsenal.

Why use ampoule openers? Ampoule injuries can be very serious

Serious injuries are not uncommon with ampoules and can result in more than just a few days downtime. For example, an anaesthetist in Queensland incurred a glass ampoule injury that resulted in a severed tendon, requiring extensive surgery and six weeks rehabilitation before returning to work. This would have likely would have affected them psychologically as well, resulting in a loss of confidence and anxiety in their job. A glass ampoule opener stops this exact scenario from occurring, as they cleanly break off the neck of the ampoule without leaving jagged edges.

Ampoule injuries can contaminate the drug inside the ampoule

Aside from injuries, cutting yourself on an ampoule can also result in contamination. This results in the drug becoming unusable, which can be quite costly to the hospital. Glass chips from the broken ampoule are also especially dangerous, and potentially life threatening if accidentally injected into a patient. Ampoule breakers will prevent this problem from occurring, as it cleanly breaks the glass off.

Opening ampoules incorrectly can cause problems

Using a cloth or paper towel to open an ampoule may seem like it offers protection, but it actually offers little to no protection against injury. This is because it can result in the neck of the ampoule breaking off unevenly, which can result in glass contamination or a jagged edge that can be easily caught on.

Protect yourself with Qlicksmart Snapit Ampoule Opener

Purchase an ampoule opener today.

Don’t risk it, protect yourself and your patients by using our Snapit Ampoule Opener, a device specially created to safely and effectively open ampoules. Our Qlicksmart Snapit Ampoule Opener has been designed by an Australian nurse, after he saw too many ampoule related injuries on the job. Rather than use the edge or his shirt or a paper towel, Glen figured there must be a safer and more efficient way to open ampoules. Qlicksmart ampoule breakers make it easy to open ampoules without fear of shattering glass or creating sharp jagged edges. You can browse our range of glass ampoule openers above or contact The Nurse Shop on 1300 886 814 or if you have any questions about our nursing equipment.