Stethoscopes for Nurses

In Australia, stethoscope brands like Elitecare have become one of the most reliable and widely available brands for the best stethoscope for nurses. The Nurse Shop’s Elitecare stethoscope is built for reliability while still being affordable. For example our Elitecare Sprague Stethoscope is built with a 5-in-1 function which is perfect for everyone from student or practising nurses to registered or enrolled nurses. It also comes in a range of colours so it’s easy for you to find the right style for every day of the week.
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The word ‘stethoscopes’, in the Greek words, stethos and scopos, quite literally translate to chest examination. While of course it is not as limited to this as it was when first invented in the early 1800’s, the stethoscope has become synonymous with the thoughts and image of the public health and medical field.
A stethoscope in the hands of a trained medical professional can be used to do anything from;
– Examining the Sounds of the Heart – mainly used to check for a patient’s regular rhythm, type and rate of the heartbeat.
– Assessing the Sounds of the Lung – allows the user to check the pattern and quality of breathing
– Measuring Blood Pressure – the stethoscope can be used to measure blood pressure by holding the instrument just under the blood pressure cuff where you can no longer hear the brachial artery.
– Assessing the Size of the Liver – the chest piece can be placed just under the right nipple and using our opposite hand, gently scratch your finger nail up along the torso of the patient and any dull spots will generally outline the size of the liver.
– As a Hearing Aid – while an obvious one to some, the stethoscope can be used for hearing impaired patients to hear the nurses and doctors treating them. Simply have the patient put the earpieces into their ears and speak softly into the chest piece.

If you are looking for a superior stethoscope the elitecare Dual Head Stethoscope is a great option. From the floating diaphragm to the earpieces this superior stethoscope has been designed for advanced acoustic performance in cardiology, respiratory and vascular applications. Outstanding value for money.

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