Antibiotics, pathogens & infections (Desktop)

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Find facts quickly on 61 antibiotics, 54 pathogens and common infections. Plus information pertaining to antimicrobial stewardship, antibiotic resistance, chain of control and much more!

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The is also great information regarding 54 common pathogens such as:
• their structure
• their image (colour coded to Gram stain)
• their transmission & reservoir
• whether they are normal flora
• if they produce a toxin
• most common infection control precautions
• sensitivity & resistance profiles
• their mechanism of antibiotic resistance
• common infections for which they are responsible
• general comments specific to pathogen

The appendices contain lots of great information including:
• Antibiotic stewardship
• Chain of infection & ways to break the chain
• Pathogen resistance mechanisms
• Trade/generic cross reference for antibiotics listed

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