Critical Second® Complete Nurse Card Pack +Clip

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The Complete Nurse Pack contains 11 topics ranging from Patient Assessment and IV Drip Rates to ECG translations and Advanced Life Support Paeds/Adult.


  • A wide variety of educational reference cards
  • Free retractable clip worth $4.95


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  • Patient Assessment
  • Basic Ward Routine
  • Daily Care Plan/Maths Conversions
  • IV Drip Rates
  • ECG Lead Placement
  • ECG Translations
  • Rhythm Analysis
  • P.E.G. Tube Management
  • Adult/Paediatric A.L.S.
  • Emergency Resuscitation/CPR
  • Blood Gas Analysis

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1 review for Critical Second® Complete Nurse Card Pack +Clip

  1. Francis Smith (verified owner)

    I found the cards very disappointing they are paper based ,not plastic so I don’t feel have a great working life perhaps if made from a plastic material might be better ,dearer yes but longer working life.
    Hi Guys, after having another look at the cards, I have to apologise they are a plastic material not paper as I first thought.
    My only suggestion would be a thicker material which may be more durable.


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