Qlicksmart SnapIT® Ampoule Opener (Lite) Regular

$12.77 NZD

Sick of those stubborn little ampoules? Ampoule safety now comes in your colour! 

Key Features:
  • Colourful lightweight plastc
  • Pocket Sized with keyring
  • FITS: 1ml – 15ml ampoules (guide only)
  • Supplied with instructions
  • Clear
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SKU: Snapit-Lite-R

Snapit Ampoule Opener – Instructions

How to open glass ampoules

  1. Insert the ampoule lid into the Snapit (align the dots, if the ampoule has a dot)
  2. Snap open the ampoule (snap away from the dot)
  3. Eject the ampoule lid
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