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Nursing Equipment

Whether you’re on the hunt for a pair or forceps or a new stethoscope, The Nurse Shop is your one stop shop for all your nurse essentials. We stock professional nursing equipment from the world’s biggest brands at competitive prices. You can check out some of our popular nursing equipment below or contact us online if you have any questions about the products available.

Nursing Equipment Store


Reflex hammers are a medical instrument that tests deep tendon reflexes. Our uniquely designed reflex hammer is designed to fit easily into your pocket and comes equipped with both a pointed end piece for testing nervous system response and a rubber head for reflex reaction.


Our range of ampoule openers were designed by an Australian nurse to help make reduce the number of injuries incurred by medical personal when opening ampoules. Our ampoule openers make it quick and easy to open ampoules without fear of knicks or cuts from glass.


Penlights and torches are versatile nursing equipment that can be used to check patient pupils, check areas of the mouth and throat, and examine wounds. Penlights can be easily stored in a pocket, and double as both a pen and a source of light.


Our protective eyewear will help protect your eyes against possible exposure to viruses and bacteria. Comfortable and stylish, our range of safety glasses are fantastic value for money.


A pulse oximeter can measure oxygen quickly and painlessly and is commonly seen in ambulances, hospital wards and intensive care units. To help transport your oximeters or keep them safe, we offer an oximeter belt case which fits most fingertip oximeters.


We offer scissors and forceps available in a range of colours and metals, including matte black, patterned, rose gold, gold plated, and titanium. You can purchase a lone pair, or in a value saving pack of three. We also have left-handed forceps and scissors available.


Sphygmomanometers are incredibly useful nursing equipment, as it can measure everything from blood pressure to heart sounds and heart rate rhythm. We offer sphygmomanometers in a range of fun colours, and cuffs in infant, paediatric, adult, and large adult.


When it comes to nurse essentials, there are none more recognisable than the humble stethoscope. Our stethoscopes have been designed to help you diagnose with confidence, as the advanced acoustic performance gives a superior read heart and lung sounds.


Our medical grade scales are a durable design that can provide results quickly and accurately. We offer portable scales that can be easily transported around, as they offer a light and compact design.


A TENS device is a battery-operated device that delivers electronic pulses to a targeted area using sticky pads called electrodes. This nurse equipment is typically used as an alternative to medication to treat pain.

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